February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day gifts to myself

Should be doing instead of blogging: Conculturing, like I told myself I was going to do. My plan: go to a coffee shop I've been wanting to go to but hadn't yet, and sitting and working out some of the details of my project setting. Sitting in front of the wall filled with bags of The Eastern Shore Tea Company's products does not lend itself well to undistracted writing.

I told my friends that I was buying myself roses for Valentine's Day, and I got a sympathetic response from the guy in the group. Obviously, he misinterpreted my reasons for buying myself flowers. White and red roses are my favorite flowers, and what better time to buy them than when you're seeing them all over the place? I do not believe that you need to wait for a guy to give you nice flowers. If I was a little bolder, I'd have asked him if he was volunteering to supply me with some white roses, but I'm still working on that timidity issue of mine (yes, even with people that I'm comfortable around). The positive, self-confident Halfelven is still very much in progress.

Anyway, I stopped at the store after work to pick up some food, and spent some time as the only girl in the floral department on the day before Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, the nicest white roses were more expensive than the other roses in the containers sitting in the front of the department, so I bought some light pink ones. After I brought them home, I got an equally sympathetic reaction from my mom, whose eternal hope seems to be that I don't ever have to buy myself flowers again.

Even the nicest people have a tendency to really miss the point of something.

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