October 2, 2007

A Step Forward, A Couple of Steps Back

I need a Switch box for my SwitchPlanet stuff, if only to keep it separate from the thrift store stuff. Until I took just five minutes to look over my bookshelves, I didn't realise I had so many books I could so easily get rid of. Friends who keep every book they've ever read are going to think I've really gone off the organizational deep end this time.* Those books need to go on there soon...the CDs I have listed are dwindling.

I played hooky from the gym today, planning to use the time to do some more decluttering (or at least moving the stuff I'm getting rid of to my car so I can take it to the thrift store). However, Dad was all about watching the Cavemen premiere, and I got sucked into that and Carpoolers out of morbid curiosity, which is unusual for me. TV's a strange thing: you may not watch more than one or two shows for months at a time, but once you're in front of the TV for something else, you realise you've just wasted an hour watching sitcoms you couldn't care less about.

I think I may possibly have more things I don't want out in the open than things I want. I'm up to 9-10 boxes, and several bags of fabric. I really need to make that donation trip soon.

*Note to Scribe the friends who keep every book they've ever read: that's not an insult, I swear. Although...think of the room you'd have for new books if you cleared out some old ones! ;-D

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everlastingscribe said...

Sadly (or happily?) I periodically go through my shelves and everything I haven't read in a year gets either put in the 'to be read' pile or donated to the library.