October 5, 2007

It's nearly official: I've moved all of my giveaway boxes into the car so they can go out tomorrow. I still can't believe I maintained the discipline to go through each of those craft boxes and completely process them to empty.

The amount of space in the room is great. There's a good feeling about it, because it doesn't exist simply because I've shoved everything into the closet. Granted, I still need to go through my clothes again (I'm due for another wardrobe purging), and I haven't worked on the bathroom, yet, but there's something about knowing that the majority of your possessions have a place.

There's still a lot to do. Now, I have to go through my non-crafty possessions. However, I have fewer of those (and if I don't, it sure feels like I do), so I don't feel like this will take an eternity. Now to maintain the discipline to carry this through to a comfortably tidy living space.

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