September 30, 2007

Decluttering Milestone Reached!

The craft closet is officially cleaned out! I haven't been this thrilled since I got the new job earlier this year. *note to self: get life*

One thing I noticed as I was sorting was that the higher the shelf that I pulled the box from, the fewer items I wanted out of the box. That closet has five shelves. I kept almost nothing that I pulled off the top two. I had the shelves put in at least a year ago, and I didn't sort through and purge my long-kept supplies before I started throwing stuff into the newly-shelved closet, so some of this forgotten junk has taken up space in this room for at least a couple of years. Some of it has been around even longer. I'm still trying to figure out why I allowed myself to waste that much space with so much junk for so long. It's very unproductive, even if it is stashed away in a closet. I may not see it all the time, but I know it's there, creating mental clutter as well as visual clutter. Eww.

I was asked a question recently: "So, if you're getting rid of a lot of your craft supplies, does this mean you're going to craft less?" No. Crafting is one of my major hobbies. What I don't want to do is have so much stuff around that I can't find the good stuff in my stash. I'd rather keep a smaller stash fresh than sift through a lot of lousy stuff I've been holding onto for years. After all, what good is a crafting stash if you don't use it?

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