September 3, 2007

Come Bearing Gifts...

I generally spend more money on a gift for a person I don't know too well than I do on a gift for a good friend.

With a friend, it's the little things that generally mean more, especially if it deals with some kind of inside joke. Also, being the (somewhat insane) DIY-er I am, I usually end up making things for my friends. How many promises of half-constructed items I've also given is another story altogether. But generally, I do all right with the gift situation.

When I need gifts for people I don't know well, I'm reluctant to make something for them, because I have little idea what they like, and for some reason, I'd rather spend a bit of money on something they'd potentially not like than spend time. Of course, when I stop to think that the money comes from time working, it sometimes equals about the same amount.

And when receiving a gift I'm not too thrilled about, I feel a little more awkward if I receive a disliked handmade gift, since I know someone took some time to make it instead of just picking up something from Target or Kohls. Maybe I'm weird that way, or maybe I think back to Mrs. M's Red Heart acrylic crocheted slippers when I was a kid, which I attempted wearing to be nice, but couldn't wear for long because they were so uncomfortable to run around in. She was a true granny-craft lady, but it's the thought that counts (so I kept telling myself as I went around...*step**ow**step**ow**step**ow*).

But gift ranting aside, I must now stick a note in my purse so I remember to pick up some things tomorrow for a double wedding shower at work. Ugh...not being DIY about it isn't too great on the still rather small wallet.

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everlastingscribe said...

Yeah a double wedding shower sounds horrible!