March 26, 2009

Halfelven is confused

Should be doing instead of blogging: Working on my book. I'm making a bit of progress, actually, but you can only make so much progress when you don't have a detailed plan.

Life is such a confusing thing. Just when you think you're getting things figured out, you're thrown something that you're not prepared to deal with. So you fight it for a while, hoping that the situation resolves itself. At some point, you decide that fighting it isn't working, and you go along with things to see how they work out. After all, surely if you just follow the thing through to a conclusion, it'll resolve itself.

Before you know it, things seem out of hand, your friends are all telling you to do the same, perfectly logical thing (which, of course, is different from the perfectly irrational thing you've been doing all this time), and you're trying to figure out how you've gotten into this situation in the first place.

I'm generally a thoughtful, rational person. I'm the one who is always told by many people that I have a good head on my shoulders. Also, while I like to have a line of reasoning to back up my decisions, I also have great intuitions that are usually dead-on. It all seems like a fairly fail-safe combination — when reason fails me, at least I have my instincts, right?

Of course, I've been known to go against my instincts, which usually leads me into some kind of mess. My problem is that because I'm very sensible, I often find myself feeling that I'm too safe, so I decide to take a chance going against my sensibilities. Sometimes it would be useful to be a precog, and see a few months into the future, just to see where my deliberate lapses in judgement will lead me. Hell, right now I'd be happy just seeing what's going to happen next week.

Why does life have to keep getting more and more complicated?

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Bevie said...

Life is complicated, isn't it?

Hi. I was doing a search of people who like fantasy and something about your Avatar and profile caught my attention. Not sure what.

Like your writing style. You are a book writer then? So am I. Just finished my first (again). Now I have to write a query letter and find a place to send it.

Good luck with your effort.