February 8, 2009

Halfelven's getting girly. Be afraid?

Should be doing instead of blogging: Sleeping. Workweek lack of sleep is a killer on the weekend.

I'm slowly going from an indifferent female to an actual girl. I now have a new category of stuff to keep organized: makeup and cosmetics.

Wait...Halfelven wears makeup?

Yes, this is one of those believe-it-or-not things in life. I've gone beyond the CoverGirl concealer stick and pressed powder compact to better quality and (unfortunately for my cheap nature) more expensive concealers and powder compacts. And I'm almost always wearing some kind of lipstick or lip stain. And I have an actual collection of nail polish, though it's very infrequently worn due to my impatience with painting it on, touching it up, waiting for it to dry, having it chip the next day, etc. Eyeshadow is worn only once every week or two, but I'm amassing a collection of that, too, and use it more frequently, now that I know how to apply it.

My hair and skincare supplies have also improved. I buy more salon-quality haircare products, and have currently left the world of Clean and Clear in my teens and college days. Needless to say, I get a lot of points lately from Ulta.com.

Thanks to this new habit, I've created a collection that I now have to organize. Sure, it's considerably smaller than many women's makeup, skincare, and haircare collections, but it no longer fits lined up on a shelf in my medicine cabinet. Add that I'm the type of person who needs to keep duplicates in her bag so that she can apply part of her makeup on the way to work, and suddenly I have a lot of crap to keep in order. Right now, the small, clear plastic box method is partly working, but it may be tackle box time for the eyeshadow and nail polish and makeup brushes.

Is it the end of my minimalism goal? Like with my craft supplies, it looks like I just need to prioritize, find out what is important, and what is just taking up space. If I can keep it organized, and if I use it and like it, then, like with the craft supplies, I have no problem with keeping it.

Lately, when I'm thinking about my minimalism goal and my decluttering goals, I'm happy with bringing them back to the forefront of my mind. I'm not depressed about the craft supplies multiplying and springing up again, or having a new collection of items to organize. One day, I'll get to the point where I can fit my belongings in just a couple of bags and be happy that way. As long as I'm actually working on my goals, I'm fine right now.

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