September 10, 2007

Perchance To Dream (Or To At Least Sleep)

Despite the negative feel of the post and some of the comments, I'd love to have something like this instead of the ugly This End Up bed I've had since I was old enough to start sleeping in a bed (of course, anything from This End Up is ugly, and their chairs look incredibly uncomfortable).

Mom wants me to go buy a new bed so we can bunk my current one with my brother's ugly This End Up bed so he can have an ugly This End Up bunk bed set in his room. I'd love a bed that took up as little space as possible, so I measured my alcove and then looked at bed dimensions online and at Ikea (because I love cheap fiberboard furniture from Sweden, I guess). The smallest things I can find are just too wide for the alcove. I keep telling her a bed isn't a priority for me...I'd sleep on an air mattress or wrapped in a blanket on the floor. I'd probably be just fine, and it's one less piece of furniture taking up space. You won't find me sleeping in the bathtub, however.

Of course, have to find storage for the fabric and the yarn if I find sleeping on the floor comfortable enough to ditch the bed, but I also need to get rid of most of the craft supplies in the closet, anyway.

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everlastingscribe said...

But but but .. I'm your biggest fan. . .

I think that deserves a 4.5 out of 5 on the shudder o meter.


everlastingscribe said...

Though I was thinking not to long ago a Murphy bed would suite you down to the ground. I mean you pull it down when you want to sleep or need something to sit on to watch t.v. or what have you, and when you don't want it you fold it up into the wall and it is gone from sight and from floor space.

btw, I find it funny that the word verification for this post is onzakix. >:)