September 2, 2007

I came, I saw, I started another blog

After several months of occasional posts to confirm I wasn't dead, and with the webspace bill and domain renewal time approaching, I decided that Envisioned Reality's paid space just wasn't worth keeping, and shut down my space after about two years of uneventful posting.

However, the obsessive need to own a blog hit me as early as the bit of time between filling out the ER cancellation form and the actual shut-down date. So here I am on blogspot, because it's easy to set up, I like Blogger and was posting for ER from my blogger account, and Blogspot's free. :-)

I'm not attempting the "craft blog" thing again, because then posting pictures will be a hassle (if only my camera had Bluetooth), and it'll mostly consist of me saying I haven't finished one project, I've started a new project, another project has fallen by the wayside, etc. So with this blog, anyone who stops by or stumbles on it falls victim to whatever is on my mind. Ha, so there.

We'll see how it goes.

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everlastingscribe said...

Ha! So I'm the one with the archive between us. Who would have thought that?