February 1, 2009

Wait...I still have a blog?

Wow...I thought I'd deleted this at least a year ago. Reading back a few posts, I realised I stopped while still trying to implement GTD, write my novel, and work my way to a decent position at my job. Oooh...I kept a blog going for two months. I am so proof that a person who loves to write does not necessarily love to post things regularly.

That aside, let's see how I've been doing since the last half of 2007...

  • Reorganizing/Decluttering: I considered my major decluttering project accomplished in November 2007, which pleased me to no end. If I was half as obsessive, however, about keeping my living space clean as I've been about keeping my workspaces clean, I'd be an organization empress. But I'm not, so I'm not. That mass decluttering project from a little over a year ago worked wonders, though, and while I may find myself buried in some clutter from time to time, It's nothing compared to the mountains of junk that had to contribute to my post-graduation depression. I'm due for a GTD reread, though I recently lent the book out to a friend of mine, and may not see it again for a while. Ah, well, there are always blogs written by GTD disciples that I can follow.
  • Novel: Still working on it, though it looks nothing like it did back over a year ago when I started on the project. The setting and the characters are a lot more interesting, for one thing. I attempted NaNoWriMo this past November, and even went with a friend to a couple of the write-ins. Grand total word count: about 5,000. Better luck next year? Maybe I'll make it to 10k and find myself at 20% of the word goal. It's not my highest priority, admittedly, but I keep it alive.
  • Work: I was supposedly promoted...to Hell. I went from receptionist (which was okay, but boring) to copy girl (which was more interesting, and had an archiving reorganization project that would've taken me the rest of my career and I'd have been happy to work on) to somebody's admin assistant (I think I was transported to some inner circle of Hell). A dead July afternoon at the bookstore was more interesting than a "busy" day as this guy's assistant — I swear he just wanted some chick to sit there and look good in front of his office. I've got better things to do with my life, so I got myself a new job, and I'm currently pretty happy with my work life. I'm busy and doing things where my obsessive tendencies are welcomed.
Right now, my looming issue is a pile of craft supplies sitting in the corner of my room. Oooh, what a surprise. The single-closet-and-clear-box solution works very well for me, but everything can use tweaking, especially if the system's been going for a while. Sewing is my current interest on my craft rotation, so my clothing-in-progress, fabric stash, and notions are the focus of my decluttering efforts. I'd probably have it done this week, but now that I have a bit of a social life that developed since I've been with this new company, sometimes I figure that decluttering my craft supplies can wait for a bit.

Well, cool...I still have a blog. Since I am both a writer and an internet addict, let's mess with this for a while. Or at least until I get bored and move on to something else for a year.

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